What to Do in the Event of an Amazon Truck Accident

Amazon is a multibillion company that prides itself on providing a one-stop eCommerce solution for millions of Americans. But, lately, they seem to have a rising problem concerning accidents caused by or in part, by their delivery fleet. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of delivery trucks on the road, not just from our regular mail coming from Findpostoffice.org, but because of the rise of online purchases. A study showed that nearly one of five Amazon truck drivers is involved in accidents caused mainly by the company’s desire to set its mark in the delivery and shipping industry.

The accident is a cause for concern because anyone can be involved in a road mishap with an Amazon truck. 

And when that happens, what will someone do if they’re hit by an Amazon truck? What if a civilian hits a speeding Amazon truck? Who becomes liable for the damages during a road crash with a delivery truck? 

Is someone who hits a speeding Amazon truck responsible for all the packages damaged or destroyed in the accident, or will all liability be solely held by the truck driver? 

This article provides an overview of possible courses of action to take when involved in an Amazon truck accident. This write-up also shows an overview of the possible penalties or punishments involved in these mishaps.      

Will Amazon Drivers Be Held Responsible for Accidents?

Telesflora Escamilla was an 84-year-old grandmother who was crushed to death by an Amazon delivery truck three days before Christmas in 2016. The fatal accident revealed the plight of drivers working in the eCommerce giant as they strive for their next-day delivery service. 

At the start, it seemed that the truck driver, Valdimar Gray, would serve prison time for the accident that led to homicide. However, the judge saw the mishap as intentional, resulting in a not-guilty verdict.  

Some people were unhappy with the verdict, and Escamilla’s family is free to sue for a civil case to demand damages paid. 

So, what is the final resolution about this? Who is responsible if someone gets involved in an accident with an Amazon truck driver?

  • Suppose, after the investigation, the police established that a civilian caused the crash with an Amazon delivery truck. In that case, they are the ones liable for the damages. The truck driver can also sue them for injuries that happened to him.
  • However, suppose the Amazon driver caused the crash. In that case, the truck driver is liable for damages incurred to the truck and the person involved.

Insurance claims are also determined by who is responsible for the accident. If the Amazon driver is liable, the insurance policy of the Amazon truck will cover all of the damages linked to the mishap. 

If, otherwise, the other party’s insurance policy will take over, the individual needs to show proof that the Amazon driver is at fault to file a complaint. For the packages that got damaged, Amazon’s insurance will kick in after the accident. 

When the case goes against the person involved, they may get more penalties according to the number of lawsuits filed against them by Amazon. 

Can Someone Sue Amazon for an Accident?

If a person is the victim of a mishap caused by an Amazon driver, they can sue Amazon for the accident. This action is possible because Amazon is directly responsible for hiring and deploying its drivers. 

Aside from Amazon, if the case is strong, the victim can also file a lawsuit against other parties that are indirectly involved in the mishap. Examples are the following: 

  • The employer of the driver 
  • The bar that served liquor to the driver if drunk driving caused the accident 
  • The manufacturer of any defective part of a vehicle that caused the accident 
  • Any contracting company that hired the driver  

Suppose an individual is involved in a roadside mishap. In that case, they should always call the hospital, the police, and their attorney to help them through the legal process involved in accidents. 


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